Moving with the times | Trending

Moving with the times | Trending

Whether you're maintaining your fitness at home or in the great outdoors, there are plenty of ways to move it in style.

Women's training quantum hoodie, $279.99. Long sleeve layers are handy during your warm up or cool down - and when they look this stylish, perhaps in between workouts as well.

Mossimo shuffle leggings, $30. Donning your activewear 24/7 became commonplace a while ago now, with pops of colour adding to the appeal.

Flexagon 3.0 trainers, $120. Lightweight and flexible, these training shoes are designed for everything from boot camp to online workouts in front of the television.

Dumbbell water bottle, $9.95 - $12.95. With a 1.3 litre capacity, this BPA-free, dumbbell water bottle weighs an impressive 1.495 kilograms when full, helping keep your arms terrifically toned. Plus, they help keep you hydrated!

Fortis resistance band set, $39. A nifty piece of equipment that works to strengthen and tone all your different muscle groups. The five resistance bands each provide a different resistance level, from extra light to extra heavy.

Medium support double strap bra, $119. The double strap design gives support and freedom of movement for a yoga or weight workout.

Galaxy Watch Active2, $549. The perfect companion for your wellness goals, you can track your workout, your heart rate, and your stress levels via the affiliated smartphone app. It's also integrated with a sleep and meditation app where you can access guided meditation programs.

Focal Spark wireless earphones, $169.95. A must for people who love to enjoy their favourite songs on the move.