The Informer: Please scream inside your heart - advice from Japan

"Please scream inside your heart," a Japanese theme park has implored thrillseekers. Seems reasonable advice for 2020, really. Photo: Shutterstock
"Please scream inside your heart," a Japanese theme park has implored thrillseekers. Seems reasonable advice for 2020, really. Photo: Shutterstock

It's a bit like the lockdown release you have when you don't have a lockdown release.

But the good news is that eight of the nine Melbourne public housing towers locked down so dramatically over the weekend will be "unlocked" by midnight tonight.

They'll have to abide by the stage 3 lockdown rules but that at least means leaving their homes.

Residents in one of the public housing towers will be in quarantine for a total of two weeks due to a large number of cases.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has only just released those details as he explained the state recorded another 165 cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours. That takes the state's total to 3098.

Angst continues to be felt across the state on a number of levels. In Ararat, security staff from a correctional centre are working in the metro hotspots but not following the prescribed 14-day quarantine period on leaving those sites.

Ripon MP Louise Staley is concerned about risks forced upon the community: "I am concerned. I'd like to see the government explain why it thinks this is safe."

Closer to the NSW border, MPs have slammed the closure as being 'impractical', 'baffling' and a 'big mistake'.

Elsewhere, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has held fire on introducing new restrictions, Western Australia will tighten its hard border for anyone who has been in Victoria for the past two weeks and Tasmania has extended its state of emergency period due to the coronavirus outbreak in Victoria.

Meanwhile on non-COVID matters, Australia will offer extended visas to Hong Kong residents who feel threatened by new national security laws imposed by Beijing.

Australia won't open up a new humanitarian intake for Hong Kongers who fear persecution under the laws but will instead, it will focus on students and temporary visa holders - primarily those who are already in Australia.

The Chinese Embassy in Australia issued a statement in response to the PM's announcement. You can read it here.

In an interesting international development, two educational institutions have sued the Trump administration over an order that would require international students to take classes in person later this year.

Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology fired off the lawsuit in the face of rising coronavirus cases after new federal orders which prevents international students from staying in the US if they are taking classes online only.

On a completely different tangent, Japan's theme parks have banned screaming on roller coasters because it "spreads coronavirus".

"Please scream inside your heart," one theme park has implored its thrillseekers.

Something that may prompt a squeal of delight is the news that Bunnings' much-loved sausage sizzle is on its way back.

Selected stores in the Northern Territory and Tasmania will feature the much-loved community fundraiser from Saturday, with, unsurprisingly, a new, post-COVID look.

Queensland, NSW, the ACT, South Australia and Western Australia are likely to follow by the end of July.

Victoria? Sausages are the least of your worries right now. But hey, they'll be waiting for you.

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