Wellbeing SA make cervical screenings a priority in multicultural communities under grants program

Women's health check priority

Life-saving cervical screenings will be made a priority for women in South Australia, particularly those from multicultural communities, under a new grants program.

The arrangement led by Wellbeing SA will offer funds of up to $5500 to general non-government organisations, and services within multicultural communities to encourage and increase participation in cervical screening.

Wellbeing SA chief executive Lyn Dean explained that regular tests are vitally important to women.

"More than 70 per cent of cervical cancers can be prevented by cervical screening," she said.

"Many South Australian women are currently not up-to-date with their regular screening and making these grants available will assist community initiatives in supporting women to access this vital screening service."

Meanwhile, the Cervical Screening Test was introduced for women at the end of 2017, replacing the previous Pap smear.

It is a simple test to check the health of a woman's cervix and test for human papillomavirus (HPV), which can cause abnormal cell changes that may develop into cancer.

"Early detection is essential, as the sooner an abnormality is detected, the sooner early intervention or treatment can begin," Ms Dean added.

While cervical screening is the priority, projects that support eligible participants to access bowel and breast screening, or target under-screened communities are also encouraged.

Applications are encouraged from groups with strong connections to multicultural communities, GPs who can offer extended or out-of-hours cervical screening clinics and NGOs who work with vulnerable, under-screened community members.

Available grants fall under three categories:

  • Strategic Partnership Grants of up to $5500 available to plan, implement and evaluate a cervical cancer prevention project
  • Small Community Grants of up to $1100 available to run small events or activities aimed at supporting women to access cervical screening services
  • Clinical Extension Grants of up to $5500 to enable cervical screening providers to extend clinic hours or support outreach clinics for overdue or never screened women

Applications are open until Friday, January 29.

This story Women's health check priority first appeared on The Murray Valley Standard.