Council provides support to show

Council gives support Robe Boat Show

Robe Boat Show organisers will be provided with some in-kind help from the District Council of Robe, after an application was approved at the District Council of Robe meeting on July 14.

After some discussion, councillors approved its sponsorship for the 2022 event with provision of the marina as the event site, along with some works staff, plant and equipment, printing and any event hire items to the value of $2000.

The council also voted to close the marina from 2pm on Thursday, February 17, 2022 until Monday, February 21, at 2pm.

There was quite a bit of debate around the request from organisers in regards to council supplying in-kind support.

Cr Mark Baker began the discussion, mentioning that he had a couple of queries about the request.

"I do not want to be too harsh, I just thought that it did not sound terribly enthusiastic with the boat show ... it seems to be about Jamie Aitken and not the boat show - people have got to get over Jamie Aitken and think about the boat show," Cr Baker said.

"Jamie has gone out, he has got a private person in the Robe community who is going to underwrite the boat show so they obviously think that it is a good thing - he has got quite a few sponsors much the same as what he has done in previous years."

Council tourism and events manager Camille Lehman said that the request for $2000 was separate to the cost of fencing, and would be allocated to setting up the event, paying work staff and providing those resources.

"They have done that previously for up to $2000 worth of value which in comparison to other support we provide in other events it is actually in a lot more than what we provide for other events," she said.

Ms Lehmann stressed that through the community events budget, the council would be providing bins and paying a company in Naracoorte to come to Robe and collect the rubbish from the event.

Cr Rino Dell'Antonio reflected on the last event when the boat show was close to breaking even, mentioning how the council had agreed that the final payment was to be passed onto Mr Aitken.

Cr Dell'Antonio also questioned whether the council would be selling or offering the sale of marina berths, given that it was the original purpose of the boat show.

Council works manager Rob Moir gave a definitive answer to the question.

"Absolutely berths will be marketed and promoted well within it," Mr Moir said.