Saints tackle junior netty semi finals

Kingston 15A player Jorja Mules defends the ball as team-mates Alice Drabsch and Hayley Pass look to set up against their Penola counterparts. Photo: Alicia Bastiaans.
Kingston 15A player Jorja Mules defends the ball as team-mates Alice Drabsch and Hayley Pass look to set up against their Penola counterparts. Photo: Alicia Bastiaans.

The Saints 15s team took the court against Penola in the Kowree Naracoorte Tatiara netball semi final under no illusion that they had a battle on their hands having lost two games to the opposition this season.

The girls managed to settle into the match and demonstrate to their opponents they were not afraid to contest.

With Penola seamlessly scoring the first three goals, Kingston remained unfazed to apply their usual defensive pressure from the next centre pass, forcing errors on Penola and converting turnovers to even the score.

From there on it was almost goal for goal as Alice Drabsch in GK and Piper Stenner in GD worked together well.

With the help on WD Mandy Rowntree and Kate Pilmore in C, the combination forced Penola to work hard to find space and hold possession.

Pilmore could be seen continuously hunting opportunities for intercepts and turnovers at both goal ends and all the way through the mid court.

In our goal circle, Saints duo Abby Mules in GS and Tara Pink in GA worked their usual magic holding and creating space with well timed feeds from Pilmore and WA Dorothy Miller who backed her strong attacking game from last week.

Kingston took the lead at one stage as a stunned Penola dug their heels in to end the quarter in front 12-11.

The second quarter saw Kingston position changes with Jorja Mules C, Taylor Braithwaite into WA and Hayley Pass into WD.

This combination worked very well for Kingston last week, however Penola illustrated how strong and agile they are by increasing the tempo, forcing more turnovers for Kingston and demonstrating how fast they can seal an advantage.

Kingston still determined, fought hard to finish the quarter behind Penola, 24-20.

Penola continued consistently through the third quarter as all of our starting players took the court again. Both teams could be seen fighting hard, forcing turnovers, working the space and hunting the ball.

Ending the quarter with a score of 33-25 to Penola, Kingston made a team pact that they would fight hard al the way to the end.

With the second quarter midis coming back on to finish the game, Penola showed their strength for the full four quarters winning the game 44-33.

Final score - Penola 44 d Kingston 33. Best player was Tara Pink.

13A final

We came out strong and determined knowing this was going to be a very tough game.

All the girls worked hard and never gave up.

The game was goal for goal for most of the time, keeping everyone on their toes.

Well done to our defence for putting an enormous amount of pressure on their players and taking lots of intercepts.

The girls worked really well together in the ring with lots of talking.

Goalies worked really hard in the ring with lots of beautiful set plays and excellent shooting.

Our mid court had a tough job but got hands over every ball creating lots of pressure on Mundulla.

Unfortunately in the end Mundulla was able to finish the game strong, scoring a few goals late in the last quarter.

Overall it was a great game to watch, we look forward to playing Saturday and taking on another challenge. Great effort girls

Final score - Mundulla 39 d Kingston 32.

Best players Abby Mules and Tara Pink.

Preliminary final

This Saturday, Saints are hosting the preliminary final. The 13A side will play at 10.30am against Border Districts and 15's play at 12noon against Padthaway.

Get your streamers ready! Go Saints.