Crows recruit a "stress-head" in AFL trade

Jordan Dawson (l) says he's pleased the Swans got something out of his trade deal with Adelaide.
Jordan Dawson (l) says he's pleased the Swans got something out of his trade deal with Adelaide.

Adelaide's prized recruit Jordan Dawson says he's happy Sydney got something for trading him, even if the Swans aren't so chuffed.

The Swans considered taking a stand and sending Dawson to the pre-season draft after the 24-year-old walked out of the club and nominated the Crows as his preferred destination.

But the Swans grudgingly accepted a future first-round draft pick from Adelaide in a trade that took weeks of wrangling.

"It was obviously a pretty stressful time," Dawson told reporters on Thursday.

"I have been a bit of a stress-head lately. It (the trade) is definitely a massive relief and I'm looking forward to chilling out a bit."

Sydney's football manager Charlie Gardiner said sending Dawson to the pre-season draft was discussed by the Swans.

That would have meant Dawson wasn't guaranteed of being selected by Adelaide as other clubs have earlier selections.

But it also would have left the Swans empty-handed for a player who finished third in this year's club champion award.

"If you're asking 'was the club mindful of making sure that it sends a message, did it consider putting a stake in the ground?', Yeah, we we considered it and it's something we're mindful of," Gardiner told reporters on Thursday.

"At the end of the day we agreed to the deal but ... we rated him slightly higher than where we landed the deal with Adelaide."

Dawson spent the trade period in his home-town of Robe in South Australia's south-east, with his phone mostly off and largely oblivious to the negotiations.

"I'm just really happy Sydney were able to get something," he said.

"I love everyone there and and have great relationships back in Sydney still.

"I have spoken to a lot of the (Sydney) playes, coaches. Obviously they're disappointed to lose me as a bloke and a player.

"But I have got a lot of great relationships there and I know for a fact that I will still have great friends after footy in Sydney."

He described the lure of returning to his home state was "too good, too big".

"I love being back in SA ... COVID and everything has been a bit of a strange few years so to be able to get back, I'm really happy," Dawson said.

"Being closer to family and friends is what I wanted."

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