Best videos from around Australia for December 5, 2021

VIDEOS OF THE WEEK: Welcome to the 'windiest place on earth' (top), healthcare workers collab to release hot new song (right top), storms roll in (left bottom) and the pup in the palliative care unit (right bottom).
VIDEOS OF THE WEEK: Welcome to the 'windiest place on earth' (top), healthcare workers collab to release hot new song (right top), storms roll in (left bottom) and the pup in the palliative care unit (right bottom).

Omicron arrived in Australia and dominated the 24 hour news cycle this week.

If you're not sure what that mean, or whether you should panic, laugh, or cry about that news (or some combination of all of those) then we've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know about the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

But if you'd like to feel a little bit better about the world right now, here's our favourite feel-good videos from the week that was.

Tilly the compawsionate pup

For the past two years, patients in Tasmania's palliative care services have been treated to the regularly comapny of Tilly the six-year-old King schnauzer.

The adorable pup is a staff and patient favourite across Launceston's hospice facilities, and her commitment to the cause has been recognised with a Tasmanian Palliative Care Award.

Though it's not for the awards that she or her owner, Edwina Colvin, have been volunteering.

"People who have often had dogs and like dogs, but have become more elderly miss having a pet around them," Ms Colvin said.

"It's a comfort that they have an animal that is relaxed and happy around them."


Surviving the 'windiest place on earth'

December 2 marked 110 years since the fateful voyage to Cape Denison, Antarctica, by explorer Sir Douglas Mawson.

In homage to the occasion, a group of Australian conservationists returned to what Mawson described as 'the windiest place on earth', to carry out works on the remaining wooden huts left behind by the 1911-1914 expedition.

Now heritage listed, the huts have remained largely untouched since Mawson left but due to the frequent blizzards, the outpost has not been visited in six years.

The conservationists, of course, will be hoping for better conditions over the next five weeks while they attempt the restorations.

Sir Mawson is best remembered for his lone trek across the polar icecap after the death of two companions on a sledging journey.

He arrived back at the hut to see his relief vessel sail north over the horizon, leaving him stranded for another year.

Yet, he lived to tell the tale - and one of the greatest tales of exploration it was!


Sometimes, it's a wonderful world

Dubbing themselves as Australia's 'scrub choir', healthcare workers from Royal Melbourne Hospital have collaborated with fellow professionals from around the world to release a cover of It's A Wonderful World.

More than 900 healthcare workers from across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway and Japan took part.

It follows their previous releases and success of Count on Me, I'll Stand by You, We Wish You and Gratitude the Scrub Choir.

Head of RMH Music Therapy and Scrub Choir master, Dr Emma O'Brien said the venture was a way "to use the power of music for our own mental health and wellbeing".

If any of them are ever looking to make a career change - you know, if saving the world and being general heroes doesn't prove challenging enough - then we're pretty sure they'd be welcome on any stage.


Wild weather

It's been another crazy week of weather, so as a bonus this week, here are a couple of our favourite storm videos.

When Taree, NSW was pummelled by storms this week, reporters at the Manning River Times braved the wild onslaught to capture the clouds rolling in.

It's magnificent footage and worth the drenching - we say, as we stay nice and dry in our offices.

Not to be outdone, in Ballarat, Victoria reporters at The Courier captured the growing storm as the state readied to be lashed by the wildest of weather.

Those clouds look ominous and impressive in equal measure, and we are here for it.


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