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Top 8 sailing destinations in Australia

Top 8 sailing destinations in Australia

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It's no secret that Australia houses some of the best islands and beaches in the world. These beautiful islands and beaches attract tourists and locals who flock to enjoy the scenic coastline and all water sports.

So, if you are visiting Australia for a much-needed vacation, you may try out sailing by going on tours that help you find the perfect spots for scuba diving and snorkelling. These tours mostly lead to islands with world-class reefs and an array of sea life.

To enjoy sailing on the scenic wonders of Australia, consider going during the ideal seasons of summer and autumn. The wealth of sailing spots will help you participate in a once-in-a-lifetime event in any destination you are comfortable seeing at any time of the day.

As most of these sailing destinations are islands, kick off your sailing experience by reaching out to Ahoy Club yacht charters in Sydney. This way, you can sail to your destination and enjoy the sights in luxury.

The number of sailing destinations in Australia may overwhelm you when settling for an option. Hence, this article will help you navigate the top sailing destinations to help you have a fun-filled adventure of a lifetime.

1. Whitsundays

Whitsundays offers a great sailing experience, with May to November as the best time to visit. Sailing enthusiasts can enjoy a private sailing adventure, learn the basics of sailing, and try out operating the boat. The sailing adventure doesn't end during summer and autumn, but can continue into winter sailing, where you might end up spotting whales.

2. Gippsland Lakes

Located in Victoria, Gippsland is another excellent sailing destination that boasts breathtaking scenery. When sailing on the Gippsland Lakes, ensure that your destination includes the cliff regions of Mitchell and Tambo. During your stop, you can meet other boating enthusiasts on the barrier landing.

3. Moreton Bay

If you are in Queensland, Moreton Bay offers an unforgettable sailing experience, thanks to its beauty, appeal, and large waterway. This destination will also let you enjoy diving and snorkelling as it offers a wide range of marine life. Additionally, you can easily set sail and then take time to see dolphins, humpback whales, and turtles swimming on local shipwreck sites.

Top 8 sailing destinations in Australia

4. Port Jackson

Sydney Harbour has a lot to offer, with sailing tours as one of the popular tourist activities. It is here you'll find Port Jackson, which is among the best sailing destinations, thanks to its perfect warm weather.

5. Lord Howe Island

Suppose you love visiting more laid-back destinations away from crowds of tourists. Lord Howe Island may be the best spot for you. The Island offers sailing tours that allow you to enjoy being surrounded by exotic wildlife.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has restrictions that limit the number of people visiting. Hence, you get to explore the lagoons, coral gardens, and the Island itself with fewer people around.

6. Lake Macquarie

Located in New South Wales, Lake Macquarie is among the most popular sailing destinations. If you love Sydney Harbour, this lake will offer you more as it's four times larger and merges with the Pacific Ocean. It also has sandy inlets and bays that are perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

7. D'Entrecasteaux Channel

This destination is considered a secret hideout because it is located between the Tasmanian coast and Bruny Island. The channel has several charms, including secluded beaches and marine life, such as dolphins, whales, and seals. If you are interested in learning how to sail, you can book specific tours that include lessons in all things sailing.

8. Darwin and the Tiwi Islands

If you are in the Northern Territory and hoping to enjoy a sailing experience, you may need to consider a sailing tour to Darwin. This sailing experience will let you enjoy touring the Tiwi Islands brimming with wildlife.

During the tour, you may sail along the tropical estuary's mangrove-lined waters, and you'll see marine life such as fishes, crocodiles, turtles, and the occasional dolphins.

Bottom line

Australia has extensive coastlines that make for the perfect sailing destinations. Its sailing spots all over the country contribute to its beauty, luring thousands of tourists each year.

So, when looking for sailing destinations in Australia, ensure that it's located in a warm location with perfect weather. This ensures you'll enjoy your vacation more because you'll never have to second-guess the weather. Moreover, if you want to try or learn sailing, ensure you book a tour that caters to all your sailing needs.